1839 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey (3)

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Date 1839
Topic Attempt to sell stolen frock to shopkeeper in Robin Hood Lane, Poplar.
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Robin Hood Lane, Poplar.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-06-14. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[8 Apr. 1839:]
SARAH ELIZABETH SMITH. I live in Robin Hood-lane, This frock was brought to my shop by Thomas Watts, between eight and nine o'clock at night—he said, "Mrs. Smith, will you buy this frock?"—I said, "Where did you get it?"—he said, "My mother got it from where she was at work, and sent me to sell it"—I said, "You rascal, you stole it; if you don't fetch your mother I will give you in charge"—he went away, and in a quarter of an hour his mother (the female prisoner) came, and said it was all right—that she had had it given her where she was at work, and if I would let her have a few halfpence on it she would thank me—I did so, and on the Monday a man and his wife came to buy some things, and the woman said the frock belonged to a neighbour of hers.[1]

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