1831 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey (1)

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Date 1831
Topic Stolen butter at the Robin Hood in Skinner Street
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The now lost Skinner Street where the Robin Hood was located.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-06-19. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[12 May 1831:]
THOMAS SAPWELL. On the 3rd of May, about nine o'clock at night, I was sent for to the Robinhood, in Skinner-street, to look at some butter which two young men had brought there; there were fourteen lumps tied in this cloth, and tied in a blue apron, which I believe the prisoner has now got on; while I was sitting in the bar the prisoner came up, and asked for the apron - I had not time to examine the butter well; another person, named Bathe, was with him - they said they were going to Leadenhall-market; the prisoner took the apron with him - I followed them up the street, and lost them; as they said they would come back in an hour, I went back, and waited till between eleven and twelve o'clock, but they did not come; on the Wednesday morning, between ten and eleven I was sent for - I went there, and found the prisoner and the other; the butter was there - I suspected it was stolen, as it was not wrapped up as it should have been; I asked where they got it from - they seemed very much confused at the moment, but afterwards said they bought it; it was then in this turbot basket, not in a flat - I asked Carter who he bought it of; he at first said he bought it at a shop in Newgate-market - I asked who kept the shop; he made no answer, then said he had bought it outside the shop, but gave no name - I asked where he lived; he said any where - the other said he lived in a court on Old Fish-street-hill; the prisoner afterwards said, before the Magistrate, that he bought it of a countryman in Newgate-market - it weighed 28lbs.; I made inquiry, and found Mr. Knight, who claimed the cloth - he said, "If the butter belongs to me it is two creams (meaning dairys), and it was so. The bill against Bathe was not found.[1]

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