1819 - Hunter, Joseph - Hallamshire

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Date 1819
Author Hunter, Joseph
Title Hallamshire
Mentions Robin Hood; Loxley [WRY]; Robin Hood's House [Loxley, Sheffield]; Robin Hood's Well [Little Matlock]

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But a small portion of the course of the Loxley is within the parish of Sheffield. It rises near the village of Bradfield, and flows through a thinly-peopled country, which in the memory of man was wholly uninclosed and uncultivated, called Loxley-Chase; a district which seems to have the fairest pretensions to be the Locksley of our old ballads, where was born that redoubtable hero Robin Hood. The remains of a house in which it was pretended he was born were formerly pointed out in a small wood in Loxley called Bar-wood, and a well of fine clear water rising near the bed of the river has been called from time immemorial Robin Hood's Well. This well is included within the grounds at Cliff-Rocher, a place not inaptly named by its late proprietor Little-Matlock, as it bears no mean resemblance to some parts of the beautiful valley of Matlock in Derbyshire. The walks which that gentleman cut in the boldest part of the cliff, and along a natural terrace extending to that part of Stannington in which are the chapel and minister's house, were thrown open to the public, and much frequented during several summers by the people of Sheffield.[1]

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Hunter, Joseph. Hallamshire. The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York (London, 1819); see p. 3.

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