1810 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey (4)

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Date 1810
Topic Theft at the Robin Hood in Skinner Street
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The now lost Skinner Street where the Robin Hood was located.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-06-19. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[31 Oct. 1810:]
HENRY WILLIAMS. I am a sailor. Last Thursday night I went to a public-house in Skinner-street, I had this property with me, I called for a glass of grog, I fell in with this woman, she was sitting singing there, I asked her to drink a glass of grog, and then I called for a pot of ale; I gave her part of that; I called for at her pot of ale, she and I after that went to the Robin Hood in the same street; I had a pint of ale in the tap-room; I clapped the bundle alongside of me; as soon as ever I had the pint of ale she took the bundle away from me, and in the course of ten minutes I missed her and the bundle.

Q. What were you about that ten minutes - A. I was talking to a man in the same box; as soon as I missed her and the bundle I went to the landlord, I asked him if he saw a woman with a bundle, he said he did, he knew the woman; the landlord sent for Mr. Sheppard, I gave him the description of the bundle, and in the course of an hour the constable returned with the bundle, he took me to the watchhouse, and there was the woman; I knew the woman, I am sure that is the woman.

Prisoner. There were a great many people in the tap-room, and a young woman was with me, and whether I took the bundle or the young woman I cannot say.

Q. to prosecutor. Was she tipsey - A. No. There was another young woman went out, I believe she had nothing to do with the bundle.

RICHARD GREEN. I am the landlord of the Robin Hood in Skinner-street. On this night week, about ten o'clock, I heard a scuffle at the bar. I saw the prisoner with a bundle under her arm, she went out of the house.[1]

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