1790 - Throsby, John - Antiquities of Nottinghamshire (3)

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Date 1790
Author Throsby, John
Title The Antiquities of Nottinghamshire
Mentions Robin Hood's Stable, Papplewick
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Robin Hood's Stable.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-01-13. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.



 These places are not distinctly relate by Thoroton. In what may be denominated the former is the domain of the honourable Frederick Montague. The village here is pleasantly situated, near the delightful pleasure grounds of that gentleman. Here are extensive cotton-mills which employ many hands.
 In this lordship is a hollow rock called Robin Hood's Stable, handed down, as such by tradition; it is a curious Cave on the side of a little hill, on a farm, om Mr. Montague's, near the Lodge at Papplewick-Hall. Hayman Rook, Esq. who favoured me with the drawings of the entrance and internal appearances of this Cave, from which the views below are taken, thinks there is a great probability of its being used by that celebrated depredator.
 No. 1, is a perspective view of the entrance before the present door was put up and the wall erected.
 No. 2, is a view of the inside. This Cave evidently appears to have been cut out of the solid rock, which seems to have been excavated with judgement; the little hollows (a) (b) (c), are well contrived for holding fodder; at (a) two horses may feed together; at (b) and (c) one each.[1]

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Source notes

Italics as in printed source.

IRHB comments

Robert Thoroton's Antiquities of Nottinghamshire was first published in 1677. John Throsby in 1790 published a new edition, expanded almost beyond recognition. The above passage occurs only in the 1790 and later editions.




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