1774 - Seymour, T - Properties and Effects of the Poudre Unique (1)

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Date 1774
Author Seymour, T
Title A Concise Account of the Properties and Effects of the Poudre Unique, in the Cure of the Most Dangerous Putrid As Well As Inveterate and Complicated Diseases
Mentions The Robin Hood in Charles Street, St James's Square
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Site of the Robin Hood, St James's Square.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-06-24. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.


CASE XIX. A Complication of Disorders, viz. Pleuritic, Asthmatic, and Dropsical, attended with a Sharp Humour from the Knees to the Feet.
 Mrs. Pearce, wife of Mr. Pearce, at the Robin Hood, in Charles-Street, St. James's-Square, was for many years in an ill state of health, being often afflicted with a pleurisy, an asthmatic cough, dropsical swellings; and in particular, when she first began with the Powder, which was in September, 1771, she had for upwards of a year been afflicted with a most violent sharp humour, that broke out in both legs, from the [p. 60:] knees to the ancles [sic] and feet, attended with great itching and swelling. For several months, she was in such agonies, she could get little or no sleep, which made her life quite miserable. By taking a few papers of the Powder, she received so great benefit, that she has ever since enjoyed a good state of health.[1]

Source notes

IRHB's brackets. According to the title-page, the edition cited is the third, but it also advertizes the case stories as new in this edition, so presumably the item cited cannot be found in the earlier editions.

IRHB comments

T. Seymour's 'Poudre Unique' subsequently worked another small miracle in Mrs Pearce's niece. This notwithstanding his medical expertise was most probably par for its period,[2] even if his business acumen was perhaps above average.




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