1751 - Pythagoras - Advertisement

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Date 1751
Author Pythagoras
Title Advertisement
Mentions Robin Hood and Little John (St Clement Danes); Robin Hood Society (London)
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-09-07. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-02-11.


From the Whitehall Evening Post.
Whereas an Advertisement was published in the Whitehall Evening-Post, on Thursday last, intimating that a Court of Common Sense would be held on Monday the 28th of this Instant, at the Sign of the Robin-Hood in the Butcher Row, for my Trial, requiring all Archbishops &c. to make strict Search for me, &c. with a Promise of clear Stage and all Favour: This is to give Notice, That as I never was fond of Them, so I never will be found of Them, not expecting any more Favour from a Gang of Robertsmen, assembled in the Butcher-Row, than from a Portuguese or Spanish Inquisition; but am resolved to abscond and hide myself till the Commencement of the Grand Milennium, when I will make a full Display of myself, like the Day spring from on High, and will mount the Shoulders of wicked Will. Wh–st–n, who shall carry me Headlong to Jerusalem, when I shall be found of all Men. CHRISTIANITY
 N. B. The above Advertisement being sent on Saturday, was too late to be inserted in this Paper.[1]

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