1746 - Johnson, Maurice, Jr - To Mr Neve

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 5 Jul. 1746
Author Johnson, Maurice, Jr.
Title Letter to Mr Neve
Mentions Robin Hood's Well

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-07-07. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.


[...] my friend Dr. Stukeley of Stamford [...], by whom, being a member, we have been favoured with his minutes of their Society there, wherein are, amongst many very curious acts and observations, many remarks he made, in a journey he took to visit Mr. Gale of Scruton, his lady's brother, on many parts of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Yorkshire, which with his good leave I lay together and extract, but pretty fully and occasionally communicated at our meetings, much being discovered since Camden's time, and many of these not noticed in the additions to his Britannia, or in the Atlas or other authors, and some of those in Yorkshire which have escaped the mention of Dr. Heneage Deering, Archdeacon of Rippon, in his "Reliquiæ Eboracenses," a quarto poem printed at York in 1743. Give me leave to send you here an epigram from the second volume of the Doctor's Minutes, p. 596, made by his brother Gale on [p. 497:] Robin Hood's well, a fine spring on the road, ornamented by Sir John Vanbrugh:
"Nympha fui quondam latronibus hospita sylvæ
"Heu nimium sociis nota, Robine tuis.
"Me pudet innocuos latices fudisse scelestis,
"Jamque viatori pocula tuta fero,
"En pietatis honos! Comes hanc mihi Carliolensis
"Ædem sacravit quâ bibis, hospes, aquas.
                                                      "Roger Gale."[1]

IRHB comments

The "society" referred to is the Spalding Gentlemen's Society




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