1720 - Strype, John - Survey of London and Westminster (11)

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1720
Author Strype, John
Title A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster
Mentions Robinhood Alley, Borough High Street, Southwark
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Site of Robinhood Alley, Borough High Street, Southwark.
Church of St George the Martyr, Southwark / Gordon Joly, 27 Dec. 2007, Wikimedia Commons.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-06-28. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.



With their several Gifts bestowed on this Parish [of St George the Martyr, Southwark], as they are set down in a Table in this Church, are as follow:

1588.James Savage gave out of the Bridgehouse near the Kings Bench, to be yearly distributed for ever300
1590.William Evance gave out of his Robin Hood Rents in Blackman Street, in Bread yearly for ever540
1622.Sir William Cowper gave an House in Pright Alley in Tower Street.
1630.And an House in Bishopsgate Stret for ever960
1625.J. Simon gave out of Lands in Tilbury in Essex, for ever.1000
1626.Purchased in the Parish the Spread Eagle and three Houses adjoining, by the Parishoners and others, for ever.2400
1626.Henry Smith gave out of the Manour of Beahill in Sussex, for ever, per ann.2000
1627. William Brooks, Yeoman, gave out of thirteen Cottages, one Messuage and Garden in White Street, for ever, per ann.200
1633.Sir John Fenner gave, to buy Bibles and other Uses, out of two Farms, Truedoves and Goodales, in Suffolk,1100
1635.Humfrey Williams gave eight Tenements, (the same now, eleven) — Acres of Land, in Kent Street, for ever.800
1645.Edward Martin gave out of his Farm at Low Layton in Essex, to buy Bibles yearly for ever.300
1648. William Brook gave out of Blew Boar Rents, in White Street, yearly, for ever.500
1679.Tho. Grayson gave out of the old Birdeage yearly, for ever.200
Robert Shaw settled a burying Place, and an Acre of Land, whereon a House is since built, for ever.500
In Consideration of some Privileges granted him by the Parish.
1672.Edmund Dudson, Esq; gave out of two Tenements in Lower Tooting, 12d. each Friday in Bread, for ever.2120[1]

IRHB comments

IRHB's brackets. Uppercase as in web source. The 'Robin Hood rents' are in all probability the rents from houses in the Robinhood Alley aka Robin Hood Court long existing on the NW side of Borough High Street, then Blackman Street, Southwark. For another reference to this court or alley, see 1720 - Strype, John - Survey of London and Westminster (12). It would be interesting to know if the original table still exists. The present church, dating from 1734-36, was built at the site of the Medieval church, which was then in a ruinous state.[2]




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