1720 - Strype, John - Survey of London and Westminster (08)

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1720
Author Strype, John
Title A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster
Mentions Robin Hood Court, Shoe Lane, Holborn
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Site of Robin Hood Court, Shoe Lane, Holborn.

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The Parish of St. ANDREWS Holborn.

This Parish of St. Andrews is of a very large extent; good part of which lieth within the Freedom of London, and in the Ward of Faringdon without. To lay down the Bounds thereof, together with the names of the Streets, Lanes, Alleys, and Courts.

As to the Bound of this Parish, I shall begin at Holbourn Bridge, which Southwards runs down by the Ditch side, a little beyond Eagle and Child Alley; where it crosseth the Houses into Shoe lane. And from thence, betwixt Robin Hood Court and New street, into Fetter lane, by the South side of Dean street, where it crosseth into Churchyard Alley. Thence by the South side of Cursitors Alley, and so into Chancery lane. Which it also crosseth, and runs by the back Side of Lincolns Inn, by the St. John's Head Tavern, into the new Court lately built by Sir Thomas Cook, Kt. Alderman, and others; and made a part of the said Inn. Where, by the Pump set up by the Pallisado Pails, which severeth the Court from the Garden, it runs Northward cross the Gardens, and so into Holbourn, by Gridiron Alley, which is a little Eastward of great Turnstile Alley; and there it crosseth the Street, and runneth Westward, taking all the North side of High Holborn, as far as the House where the Stone Mark is set at the Door, which is about six Houses short of Kings Gate. And at this House, it crosseth the Buildings into Eagle street; and turning to the Corner of the said Steet, runneth along Kings Gate street, and so on the back Side of the Gardens of King street, into the Fields, taking in all the South side of the said Street. And so runs Eastward, by the North side of Lamb's Conduit; and from thence to the Hamstead Road; and leading from Gray's Inn lane, to that and other Towns. And crossing the said Road, runs to the Brook or Ditch, which after a turning passage by Hockney the hole, runneth down the East side of Saffron hill, and Field lane; and thence under Holbourn Bridge, falleth into the new Canal; and this Brook is the Eastern Bounds of this Parish, from that of Clerkenwel. Which said Bounds of the Parish doth appear by the prick'd Line incompassing the Map; and the Part within the City Liberty, is severed from the rest by a Chain Line.[1]

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