1720 - Strype, John - Survey of London and Westminster (05)

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1720
Author Strype, John
Title A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster
Mentions Robin Hood Court (then Grub Street, now Milton Street)
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-06-25. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.


Grubstreet, very long, coming out of Foresteet, and running, Northwards, into Chiswel street; but some small part, to wit, from Sun Alley to Chiswell street, is not in the Ward, but in the Liberty of Finsbury. This Street, taking in the whole, is but indifferent, as to its Houses and Inhabitants; and sufficiently pestered with Courts and Alleys, the Names of which are as followeth.

Lunds Alley, long and ordinary, falls into Moor lane. Honysuckle Court, pretty good, with new built Houses. Flower de lis Court, very small and ordinary. Little Bell Alley, but mean. Flying Horse Court, long but ordinary built; and, by consequence, the Inhabitants answerable. George Inn, for Livery Horses. Nags Head Inn, lately rebuilt, and fitted up handsome; with good Stables, both for Livery Horses, and a Horse Courser; being built out of a Place called Soldiers Court, which was before old and decayed.

Over against the Pump, is a pretty good Court, without a Name. Oakley Court, large and open; the greatest part, at present, unbuilt, and lying wast. Butlers Alley, narrow and ordinary; giving a passage into Moor lane, where it is pretty broad. Cross Keys Court, indifferent large, and old built; leads into Halfmoon Alley, and so into Whitecross street. Maidendhead Court, pretty handsome, and indifferent well built and inhabited. Great Bell Alley, small, but indifferent good. Haberdashers Square, very genteel, with new well built Houses. The Court is square, and inclosed in with Palisade Pales, except a handsome passage to the Houses round about; and in the midst is a Dial. This Court was made out of two old ones, viz. Paviers Court, and Robin Hood Court. Sun Alley, but small.[1]

Source notes

Marginal note, first paragraph: "Grub street." IRHB's "|" indicates line shift. Second paragraph: "Lund's Alley. | Flower de lis Court. | Flying horse Court. | George Inn. | Nags head Inn." Third paragraph: "Oakley Court. | Butler's Alley | Cross keys Court. | Great Bell Alley. | Haberdashers Square. | Sun Alley."




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