1665 - Court Rolls of Manor of Wakefield

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Date 1665
Topic Robin Hood Close, near Outwood, Wakefield
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Approximate location of Robin Hood Close.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-08-20. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


John Hopkinson, lord's tenant, testified that Thomas Fleminge, gen, in consideration of £20 paid to him in advance on 1 February last surrendered into the lord's hands personally and quit claimed to John Wingfeild, gen, son and heir of Ferdinando Wingfeild, gen, deceased, now in seisin, all interest title claim and demand ... in that close of land meadow or pasture at le Outwoodside of Wakefeld between the land lately of the said Thomas Fleminge called Robin hood Close also all that other close of land meadow or pasture called Cow Close at le Outwoodside of Wakefeld at a lord's rent of 2s 3d under composition, with all ways passages waters watercourses easements profits commodities emoluments and hereditaments ... John Wingfeild gave the lord a fine of 6d to enrol this quit claim. [1]

Source notes

Manor of Wakefield court rolls; the Court Baron of Christopher Clapham, kt, lord of the manor of Wakefeld, held on 3 March 17 Charles II [1665]. MS heading: 'Stanley'. Ellipses as in printed source.[2] For the locality mentioned in the entry, see Robin Hood Street Close (Outwood).



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