1660 - Hodges, Richard - To Admiralty Commissioners

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1660
Author Hodges, Richard
Title [Captain Richard Hodges to the Admiralty Commissioners]
Mentions Robin Hood's Bay
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Robin Hood's Bay.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-04-15. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.


 Sailing to the northward last Sunday, and descrying a sail, I gave chase, and after doing so for six hours and firing several shots, I fetched her Up, and entered 40 men on board of her, which caused them to yield. I brought her into Whitby, and while riding at anchor, a boat arrived and certified there was another small rogue in Robin Hood's Bay. Having weighed anchor and sailed there, in a short time I had possession of him; only one of the enemy was killed and 2 of our men wounded, but they are likely to do well. I have set the men of both vessels, being 60 in number, on shore at Scarborough, and have the vessels still with me. As one has 4 guns and the other 8, I desire leave to keep one of them, as it is possible it may trepan some of his consorts, and there are many of them upon the coast. In the two vessels there were 4 masters belonging to Lynn and Colchester, who were to pay 250l. each. If you have any order for ine as to disposing of the vessels, I desire you will let me have it, either at Yarmouth or Scarborough, where I intend to leave one of them, and keep the other until you order to the contrary.[1]

Source notes

Marginal note in printed source: "May 16. Basing, at Sea". MS source: "Vol. CCXXI". Item No. 30. Extent of MS source: 1 page.



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