1653 - Powell, Hugh - To Navy Commissioners

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 1653
Author Powell, Hugh
Title [Hugh Powell to the Navy Commissioners]
Mentions Robin Hood's Bay
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Robin Hood's Bay.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-04-15. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-07.


 I delivered Council's letter to the Mayor, but it produces only the impressing of three men. Their plea was that 33 sail went for London a day or two before I came. After two days I went to Burlington and pressed nine men, finding Sir Wm. Strickland most ready to promote the service. Thence to Scarborough and delivered Council's letter to the bailiffs, but to little purpose. I could only impress six strangers, not one townsman. Then to Whitby, but some ill-affected person having warned them, they got away, and I only impressed nine by aid of Capt. Axtell, late lieutenant of the Speaker, who might be useful in the other ports. Thence I came to Newcastle, but the Mayor would not mention impressing, lest the seamen on 208 sail for which a convoy was to be sent should run away. Thence I went to York, hoping help from the judges at the assizes, but they only gave me a slight warrant to the constables at Selby and Cawood.

 I have taken up 45l. from Fras. Greame, collector at Hull. I enclose a list of ships bound for London. A frigate or two would be very useful on these coasts, as many ships are lost. Two Dutch men-of-war chased two English vessels into Robin Hood's Bay, and would have taken them but for the country and Capt. Axtell's company from Whitby. .[sic] Ensign Ledgard might be useful in impressing men at Scarborough, as there are many there, and the frigates would receive them; if an order was given to stay trading for the present, the fleet would soon be supplied.[1]

Source notes

"Vol. XXXV". Item No. 26. Marginal note in printed source: "April 4. Hull". Length of letter: 2 pages. IRHB's brackets. Note that the printed source is a calendar entry and thus does not necessarily give the full and exact wording of the original.



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