1600 - Cecil, Robert - To George Carew

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Date 29 Aug. 1600
Author Cecil, Robert
Title Letter from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George Carew
Mentions The queen fears Desmond may prove a Robin Hood

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-08-01. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-02-11.


I have not heard from you since Arthur arrived with too news [sic] of your good success in Kerry. You have been supplied with all you ask. Desmond is to be sent to you forthwith, unless some advertisement dissuade it. A patent is drawn and ready to be signed for his earldom; you are to deliver it to him if you "see a party likely to come to him." Her Majesty is doubtful "whether he may not prove a Robin Hood as well as the other, of whose abatement there is hope [p. 435:] by your labour, though this gentleman should never be sent;" and whether by sending and creating him she may not "run the danger of a scorn" if no great matter should follow. Use him as you think good. "Although it seems you could have been content to have only had him as a prisoner, yet my Lords, out of desire to ease your works, have won some better conditions of her Majesty, for he shall go... well accompanied, and some gentleman (not as a jailor, but as his friend) shall bring him to you."[1]

Source notes

Ellipsis as in printed source. MS ref.: Vol. 604, p. 23, No. 445. Date: Aug. 29. The printed source is a calendar which part quotes, part paraphrases the original letters. IRHB's matter in brackets.

IRHB comments

The cynicism of politics! The writer of this letter, Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury (1563?-1612) was Lord High Treasurer May 1598-24 May 1612, Lord Privy Seal 1598-1612, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 8 October 1597-1599, and Secretary of State 5 July 1590-24 May 1612. The recipient, George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes (1555-1629), served under Queen Elizabeth I during the Tudor conquest of Ireland and was appointed President of Munster on Jan. 27, 1600. The allusions has not been noted in previous lists or studies.



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