1600 - Breton, Nicholas - Pasquil's Pass

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
Allusion to Adam Bell
Date 1600
Author Breton, Nicholas
Title Pasquils Passe, and passeth not
Mentions Clim of the Clough

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-07-23. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.


He that will passe into a Clownes conceit,
Let him take heed he know a clouted shooe,
Lest him be cousoned with a close deceit:
When seely Fooles know not what Knaues can do,
With, Yea, and Nay, to bring an Ideot to:
     But if he kindly know Clim of the Clough,
     Then let him passe, he shall doe well enough.[1]

Source notes

Grosart's note to this passage: " 'Clim of the Clough,'–celebrated in a well-known ballad and chap-book".[2]

IRHB comments

F.P. Wilson, annotating an allusion to Clim of the Clough in Thomas Nashe's Pierce Penniless, noted with regard to this passage that "[...] it would appear that 'Clim of the Clough' had some other sense, but the passage is very obscure. Can this have been the nickname of some contemporary clown, or possibly fire-eater?"



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