1590 - Nashe, Thomas - Almond for Parrot

From International Robin Hood Bibliography
1590 1590
Author Nashe, Thomas (?)
Title An Almond for a Parrat
Mentions King and collier

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2014-07-22.


[...] for if a man should imagine of fruite by the rottennesse, of garmentes by the moath frets, of wine by the sowrnesse, I warrant him for euer being good costerd-monger, broker, or vintner whiles he liues. Therefore we must not measure of Martin as he is allied to *'Elderton or tongd like Will Tony, as he was attired like an Ape on ye stage, or sits writing of Pāphlets in some spare outhouse, but as hee is Mar-Prelat of Englād, as he surpasseth King & colier, in crying, So ho ho, brother Bridges.[1]

Source notes

Italics as in printe source.
McKerrow's and Wilson's notes (numbers refer to lines in printed source):
"Will Tony] I can give no information about this person. One may safely infer that he was notorious for the scurrility of his language.
24. King & collier] The phrase is unknown to me.
24-5] Cf. 'Sohow | brother Bridges' Epistle, ed. Arber, II. 14: 'Wohohow | brother London', Ep. 33. 12; Aylmer is frequently referred to by Martin as 'Iohn of London': 'Ha | ha | D. Copcot' Ep.5. 1."[2]

IRHB comments

  • Presumably the mention of "King & colier" is an allusion to the tale of Rauf Coilȝear.