1535 - Leland, John - Itinerary (3)

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Date c. 1535-43
Author Leland, John
Title Itinerary
Mentions Robin Hood's Cross (Aunby)
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Site of Spur Bridge, not far from which Robin Hood's Cross may have stood.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-12-03. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-12-03.


A good mile after that I cam out of Stanford I passid over a stone bridge under the which ran a praty river. I toke it for Wasch: and here I markid that cummyng a litle oute of Staunford I enterid ynto a corner of Ruthelandshire, and so went a 3. miles onto such tyme as I cam to a forde, wher ran a bek rysing at a place not far of caullid Haly Welle, as one there dyd telle me. This bek there devideth Rutheland from Lyncolnshire: and a 2. miles of I saw Castelle Bitham, wher yet remayne great waulles of buildinge. Litle Bitham a village ys hard thereby, booth in Lincolnshir as yn the egge of it. The Lord Husey was a late lord of Bitham Castelle. A litle of Bitham risit of certen springes a broket, and about the ford that I spake of afore joynith with the broke that devidith the shires, and not far [of] is Robyn Hudde's Cros, a limes [of the] shires.[1]

. Editors bracket's; bracketed 'of' for 'off' as in printed text.

IRHB comments

This entry in John Leland's Itinerary was written sometime in the years c. 1535-43. For an attempt to locate the site of the cross, see Robin Hood's Cross (Aunby).



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