1499 - Robin Hood's Close (Nottingham)

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Date 1499-1500
Topic Robin Hood's Close (Nottingham)
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St Ann's Well a.h.a. Robin Hood's Well, close to which Robin Hood's Close was located.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2016-10-09. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.


[...] Compotus Johannis Rose, bocher, et Johannis Williamson, Cameeariorum villae Notingham [...p. 66:...] de xs. per ipsos reccptis pro firma pasturae vocatae 'Robynhode Closse' de Johanne Selyok et Ricardo filio suo sic eis dimissae pro termino [blank] 1 annorum exnunc futurorum, etc. [...]

[Translation in printed source:]
[...] The account of John Rose, butcher, and John Williamson, Chamberlains of the town of Nottingham [... p. 67:...] for 10s. received by them for the rent of a pasture called 'Robynhode Close' from John Seliok and Richard his son so let to them for the term of [blank] 1 years still to come, etc. [...][1]

Source notes

Italics as in printed source, except in brackets. IRHB's brackets. Note 1: "Blank in MS." The editor notes, vol. III, p. 475, s.n. Robin Hood's Close: "This was near S. Ann's Well, formerly known as Robin Hood's Well."



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