1451 - John Petit of Cornwall (2)

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Date 1451
Topic John Petit appointed member of commission of array in Cornwall.
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-06. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[Aug. 15 1451:]
Commission to John Colsill, knight, John Nanfan, esquire, and John Petit, appointing them to array all men at arms and other fencible men, as well hobelers as archers, in Cornwall and to lead them to the seacoast and other places in the county to resist the king's enemies, and to take the muster of the same from time to time, and cause wards and vvatches to be kept and 'bekyns' to be set up in the usual places, committing to prison all contrary herein, till further order.[1]

Source notes

Membrane 6d. of the Patent Roll for 29 Henry VI – Part II. Marginal note: "Aug. 15. Canterbury".

IRHB comments

It would seem likely but is by no means certain that John Petit was a Cornwall man. Could he instead be the London grocer figuring in other entries of this period? In all events, on the original roll this entry is preceded by another, dated Aug. 16, referrring to the same John Petit. See 1451 - John Petit of Cornwall (1).



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