1381 - Robert Hood of Coventry (1)

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Date 1381
Topic Robert Hood of Coventry victim of theft
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-29. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-29.


Constabularii videlicet Willelmus Priour Iohannes Morleye Clemens Goldsmyth' Iohannes Sherman Ricardus Couper Thomas Shawe Thomas Glouer Iohannes Stafford' Willelmus Bredon' goldsmyth' Adam Brabson' Willelmus Balsale bocher Iohannes [? Bredale] Ricardus Pegge Ricardus Bolnehull' Willelmus Cotiller Willelmus Taillour Ricardus de London' Nicholaus Smyth' [Iohannes] Couper Thomas Russell' Thomas Tuttebury Willelmus Shathewell' Thomas Happesford' et Thomas Cartwright' constabularii iurati qui dicunt super sacramentum suum quod Margareta vxor Thome Gadlyng' glouer die Iouis proximo ante festum sancti Dunstani anno regni Regis Ricardi secundi post conquestum quarto apud Couentre felonice furata fuit vnum linthiamen precii vj d. et duas gallinas precii iij d. de Roberto Hood' contra pacem domini Regis.

[IRHB translation:]
The constables, viz. William Prior, John Morley, Clement Goldsmith, John Sherman, Ricard Cooper, Thomas Shaw, Thomas Glover, John Stafford, William Bredon, goldsmith, Adam Brabson, William Balsall, butcher, John [? Bredall], Richard Pegge, Ricard Bolnehill, William Cotiller, William Taylor, Richard of London, Nicholas Smith, [John] Cooper, Thomas Russell, Thomas Tutbury, William Shathwell, Thomas Hapsford and Thomas Cartwright, sworn constables, who say on their sacrament that on the last Wednesday before the feast of St Dunstan in the fourth year of King Richard, the second since the Conquest, Margaret, wife of Thomas Gadling, glover, at Coventry feloniously stole a sheet, price 6d., and two chickens, price 3d., from Robert Hood contrary to the king's peace.[1]

Source notes

Editor's brackets in quotation.
Kimball et al. (1939), p. 55: The theft happened on the last Thursday before St Dunstan's day in 4. Richard II [= May 17, 1381].[2] Date of inquisition was May 21, 1381.
Kimball et al. (1939), p. 56, summarize as follows: "Margaret wife of Thomas Gadlyng glover feloniously stole a sheet, price 6d., and two chickens, price 3d., from Robert Hood."

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