1364 - William Scarlet of Whaplode

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Date 1364
Topic Commission to William Scarlet the younger of Whaplode to search persons entering or leaving England
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-11. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


[26 Dec. 1364:]
Commission to Richard Bukham and John atte Halle, pursuant to the ordinance made with the assent of the council that no one cross the sea from the realm without the king’s special licence and that in the case of all persons who cross diligent scrutiny be made that they do not take with them gold or silver in money or mass, jewels or letters of exchange, and that, in case any such be found on any one crossing on the sea or an arm of the sea or on water running to the sea, the bearer shall be arrested and sent before the king and council, merchants known to be such crossing for business only excepted, and these shall find security before the bailifis or keepers of the port or place where they cross that the money which they have shall be used only for trade, on pain in the case of the sender of forfeiture of the amount sent and in the case of the bearer of imprisonment and ransom thereout at the king’s will, also that diligent search be made that none coming into the realm bring from the court of Rome or elsewhere beyond seas, and none going from the realm take, letters patent, bulls, instruments, processes or anything prejudicial to the king, his realm or his subjects, and that none going with the king’s licence to the court of Rome or other parts beyond the seas pass in any port or place before he have found security before the king in the chancery that he will not do or procure to be done anything that may fall out to the prejudice of the king, his realm or his subjects or the weakening of the laws of the realm, to make such scrutiny in the port and town of Emnesworth. By p.s.
 The like to the following in the ports and towns named:—
  John atte Hasse and William Scarlet, 'le puisne,'  Quaplad.

Source notes

Membrane 6d of the Patent Roll for 38 Edward III - Part II. Marginal note: "Dec. 26. Windsor". IRHB's brackets.




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