1346 - Robert Hod of Maxstoke

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Date 1346
Topic The service owed by Robert Hood and many others of Maxstoke together with areas of land granted to Maxstoke Priory
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2017-09-28. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.



 Enrolment of deed testifying that whereas the prior and convent of Maxstok and Simon Moryn, John Walrand, Robert le Hare, Richard de Kyngesford of Maxstok, John Barthelmeu, Adam Wattesone, Robert Hod, John atte Slade, William de Cornvyll, Nicholas Bertram, Henry Herdenhed, Thomas Anketil, William de Kyngesford of Maxstok and certain other free tenants of that town held common of pasture in a foreign wood called ' le Outwode ' in Maxstok, which was afterwards enclosed by William de Clynton, earl of Huhtyngdon and John son of Sir John de Clynton, sometime lord of Maxstok, by the licence of the prior and convent and tenants, who released that common of pasture to the earl and John by their deed, the saicl earl and John have granted to the said prior and convent and [p. 85:] tenants common of pasture in all that field called 'leBrodfeld' in the fee of Maxstok. Witnesses: Sir John Buttourt, Sir Thomas Dastelee, Sir Ralph de Bracebrugge, Sir John Hillary, knights, John de Peyto the younger, John de Lee. Dated at Heylyng near Portesmuth at Midsummer, 20 Edward III.

Memorandum that the earl and John came into chancery at Porchester on 27 June and acknowledged the preceding deed.[1]

Source notes

The above text is that of a calendar entry of the record, not the actual record. From membrane 2d. of the MS source. The grant was probably enrolled at Porchester some time between June 8 and 27.[2]




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