1331 - Robert Hodde of Sowerby

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Date 1331
Topic Robert Hood of Sowerby defendant in case involving land.
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2020-07-27. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.


 Alice formerly wife of Henry de Migeley, demands against Robert Hodde of Sourby the third part of a messuage, of 10 acres of land & 1 acre of meadow in Sourby, by right of dower after the death of Henry, her late husband, of which the said Henry died seised, & in which Alice has nothing, she says. Robert says that one John de Migeley, father of the said Henry, died seised of the said tenements, & that Ellen, his wife, was dowered therein & survived the said Henry; wherefore Alice has no right to bring an action for a third of the same. And, as regards the remaining two thirds of the tenements, after the vesture thereof had been carried, he granted Alice her dower therein as was right. Alice says her husband was seised of the tenements at his death, & demands an inquisition. The inquisition finds he was never seised thereof, & therefore she cannot recover her dower on the whole. Her fine of 6d for false claim is forgiven by the Steward, & she is to recover her dower in ⅔ of the said tenements from Robert.[1]

Source notes

Wakefield Manor court rolls; court held at Wakefield (West Riding of Yorkshire), on Friday, the Vigil of St Laurence (Aug. 10) 5 Edw. III [1331]. The entry occurs under the MS heading 'Bailiff'.[2]




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