1265 - Robert Lood

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Date 1265
Topic Prior and Convent of St Swithin, Winchester, confirm charter of Peter, bishop of Winchester which confirms grant of church of West Tisted by Joan, widow of Rob. Lood, to prior and canons of Selborne.
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West Tisted.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-30. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.


  Confirmation by Valentine the Prior and the Convent of S. Swthin (sic) of Winchester of a charter (recited at length) of Peter, Bishop of Winchester, confirming the grant by Joan, who had been the wife of Rob. Lood, to the Prior and Canons of Selleburne for their own use, of the church of Westistede, together with some land, saving an honest and sufficient maintenance to the vicar.[1]

Source notes

Macray, W.D. (1891), p. 58: document dated "1265[-6], 17 March, "die Martis pr. p. Domin. qua cantatur Laetare Jerusalem " (4th S. in Lent); in the chapter house of Winchester." Item No. 245. Description of seal: 'Large green seal, inscription broken off; a figure, with nimbus, seated, in right hand a key, in left hand a book; in background, a church. Counter-seal, a small Roman intaglio; a naked figure, seated: "Valeat Valentinus."'

IRHB comments

Other records refer to Rob. Lood as Robert le Hod, see the page 'Robert le Hod of West Tisted (record texts)'.


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