1238 - Robert Lohod (1)

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Date 1238
Topic Joan, widow of Robert Lood, grants land to the Prior and Canons of Selborne.
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West Tisted.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-30. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.


  Grant from Joan, formerly the wife of Robert Lohod, to
the Prior and Canons of Selebume, in pure alms, of all the land
between la Broch and the way which extends from Westistede towards
Punesholte, namely, that which is called Trendelcrofte and Rikemanes-
dene in the vill of Westistede, excepting a certain "gora" towards the
north, containing 3½ acres. Witn.: master Humphrey de Myllers,
Hugh [de Rupibus], Archdeacon of Winchester, Luke, Archdeacon of
Surrey, Walter de Tigchebume, James de Nortune, Thomas de la Putte
of Bromdene, Roger Picot.[1]

Source notes

Macray, W.D. (1891), p. 23: This charter is item No. 241. Description of seal: 'Round brown seal; a fleur-de-lis: "Sigill' Johanne Lohot."'


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