1235 - Robert Lohod witness to charter

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Date 1235 or earlier
Topic Robert Lohod witness to charter
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'Tistede' is probably West Tisted, where Le Hod held land, rather than neighbouring East Tisted.

By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2015-08-30. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.


[Before 1236:]
  Grant from Henry le Sauvage to Peter, Bishop of
Winchester, for the sum of 12 marks, of all the land which he had in
Tistede by the grant of Ralph de Winesham. Witn.: Roger Alis,
Geoffrey de Rupibus, Thomas de Gimiges, Walter de Ticchebom, Robert
,1 John de Venuez, Thomas de Venuez, William son of Unfrid,
Roger of the Mills, Alard his brother, Elyas son of Roger, Nich. de
Syrlege, Godfrey the Serjeant (" serviente ") of Cheriton.[1]

Source notes

Macray, W.D. (1891), p. 20: Item No. 268. Description of seal: 'Seal sewn up in wool. See another original copy at page 3.' For the latter see the page '1230 - Robert Lohade witness to charter'.
Ibid., n. 1: 'He deceased before December, 1236.'

IRHB comments

Other records relating to this gentleman spell his surname 'le Hod'. See the page on Robert le Hod of West Tisted (record texts). 'Tistede' is probably West Tisted, where Le Hod held land, rather than East Tisted. Both adjacent villages are in Hampshire and not far from Selborne.


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