1226 - Robert le Hote witness to charter

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Date c.1226?
Topic Robert le Hote witness to charter
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2013-08-09. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2022-05-17.


  Confirmation by P[eter de Rupibus] bishop of
Winchester to Eustace de Greinville of all the lands and tenements
which Amauric earl of Gloucester, son of Amauric count of
Evereus, gave him in his manor of Mapeldreham, to hold by the
service of the third part of one knight's fee, which service the
aforesaid earl gave to the church and bishops of Winchester for
ever; willing that the said Eustace and his heirs shall hold the
said lands by the said service.
     Witnesses:—Walter de Audeli, Henry de Breibuf, John de la
Charite, Maurice de Turville, Robert le Hote, Rogger de Tiche-
burne, Robert de Hottot, Roger Alys, Adam Cornehametone,
Richard de Bera, German de Lanville, Nicholas de Westbure,
Thomas de Ho, Gillibert de Elsi, Peter de Hattingeli.[1]

Source notes

The item is No. 147 in the printed edition. Description of seal: "Oval green seal, almost perfect; as described with other grants by the same bishop."

IRHB comments

Note that in IRHB entry 1240 - Sir Robert le Hod witness to charter, the surname is spelt with a "d". Macray, in his index,[2] treats these two R. Hods/Hotes as one and the same person.[3] "Mapeldreham" is Mapledurham, an Oxfordshire village on the banks of the Thames. This Robert Hote/Hode has not been noted in previous studies.



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