1224 - Johannes Paruus reimbursed

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Date 1224
Topic Johannes Paruus reimbursed for expenses on the king's sister Eleanor.
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By Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2018-11-23. Revised by Henrik Thiil Nielsen, 2021-01-08.


Et Radulfo de Wiliton' et Roberto Lupo et Johanni paruo et Rad(ulfo) de Hurle x. marcas ad expensas cognate Regis adguietandas per breve eiusdem [sc. the king].

[IRHB translation:]
And to Randulf of Wiliton and Robert Wolf and Johannes Little and Rand(ulf) of Hurle ten marks to discharge their expenses over the king's sibling by the letter of the same [i.e. the king].[1]

Source notes

Account of the Burgesses of Bristol, 12 March 1224 to 12 March 1225. Enrolled account, farm of Bristol. E372 no. 68 membrane 9. Footnote 6 to this passage: "Cf the order to the baillifs of Bristol of 3 August 1224 (Rot.Lit.Cl. i. 614b)". If expenses were entered in chronological order, the entry can be inferred to date from some time between 3 Aug. and 9 Oct. 1224 (both inclusive).[2]

IRHB comments

The king's sibling, 'cognate', was Eleanor, King John's youngest daughter.[3]




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